At Sesh, we believe everybody deserves access to holistic and alternative healing practices. To create the most benefit, we’ve taken steps to ensure the safety of both our clients and our healers. 

For our clients

Energy healing is a practice built on trust. Whether you meet your healer at home, at a friend’s, or in the office, our goal is the same—to ensure a safe, comfortable, and relaxing experience. 

Certified providers

Our Reiki healers are certified level II or above, meaning they’ve received the required training, certifications, and attunement from a reputable Reiki Master. Plus, each of our healers is carefully vetted, undergoes a background check, and has been personally screened by a core member of the Sesh team. If we wouldn’t trust them with our wellbeing, we certainly wouldn’t trust them with yours. 

On-demand service, on your terms

Whether you’re comfortable with a Reiki practitioner visiting you in-home or prefer to have your sesh somewhere a little more public, we meet you where you’re at. Every time. 

On-demand, at-home service in the new normal

Hygiene and cleanliness have always been essential to our service. However, in recent months we’ve upped our safety game to keep our clients and providers safe. Learn more about our COVID-19 policies. 

For our healers

We’re grateful for our community of healers and the role they play in keeping our community safe while providing energy healing. To support the health and safety of our healers, Sesh offers 24/7 support via phone, text, or email. Our healers are also encouraged to check in with the Sesh support team both before and after each appointment. 

Safety is our number one priority

As energy healers, we understand the importance of trusting your intuition. We would never ask our healers to put themselves in dangerous, uncomfortable, or high-risk situations. And our healers are never expected to start or complete an alternative healing appointment if they believe their safety is at-risk.  

Secure payment

Sesh uses Stripe, a secure 3rd party payment platform. Only transfer funds through Sesh to ensure a receipt and verified payment process. We keep your transactions guarded from start to finish using 256-bit encryption and best-in-class security tools.

Easy reporting 

If a Sesh appointment makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, contact our support team. We take your reports seriously and will suspend suspicious clients in an effort to prevent future incidents from occurring.