Reiki means Universal Life Energy

Everything is energy. And we’re not talking about the jittery, too-much-caffeine energy of stressful workdays. We’re talking Universal Energy: the energy that sustains life. Reiki healers tap into that Universal Energy and connect it to their patients—healing the mind, body, and spirit.

You can think of it as an energy detox. Through strategic hand placement, your healer manipulates energy to remove blocks and bad vibes, making room for the energy to flow freely. Whether you want to dive into alternative healing practices or you’re just testing the water, Reiki is a great option.

Benefits of Reiki

From wanting to remove stress, anxiety, or depression to going deep to heal past traumas, broken hearts, grief – Reiki will move the energy where it needs to go and heal on a level that Western medicine does not. 


It’s about more than fixing problems

Reiki is also a crucial self-care tool. When your energy is balanced—body, soul, and mind—you’ll find it easier to flow through life. It’s a great way to level up your energy and raise your vibration to reach specific goals.


1. Prepping for your Reiki sesh

You can think of Reiki as a sort of massage for your chakras. As such, you can use a lot of the same techniques to prepare for your Reiki sesh as you would for a tissue massage.

Make sure you’ve got access to a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Whether that’s in your home, office, or another space is for you to decide. Comfortable clothes are recommended, but not required. 

In the end, it’s all about whatever helps you relax. 

2. During your sesh

Your Reiki healer will start by clearing your space with sage to get rid of lingering negative energy. Then, they’ll ask you to lie on a massage table. For the first few minutes, they’ll read your energy, ask questions about any specific issues, and start to map out a strategy. Then they’ll ask you to relax by focusing on your breath. That’s when the healing starts.

During the Reiki session, you might experience sensations like heat or tingling in your body. Often clients see images and colors, feel different emotions, or have memories surface during their healing session. One of the benefits of Reiki is that these experiences can become deeper with practice.

3. What can I expect afterwards?

Right after your sesh…

You’ve just had a ton of energy flowing through your body. We recommend drinking plenty of water, grabbing a small bite to eat, and easing back into the rest of your day.

The day of your sesh…

It’s a little bit different for everyone. Some say that after a Reiki session their muscles feel soft as butter. Others report having a quiet mind and a sense of deep relaxation. Whether you feel rejuvenated, focused, and energized or mellowed out at the end of your sesh can vary depending on your intentions. Either way, chances are good you’ll sleep well that night!

Over the next few days…

You may feel more emotional than usual, feel more certain about things you were questioning, or have a heightened sense of the world around you. You might have a keener eye for open doors or the clarity to crush your goals. While it manifests in different ways, this mentalboost is one of Reiki’s top benefits.