How does Sesh work?

Life can be hard. So, we wanted to make self-care easy. With Sesh, you can have on-demand healing from a certified and insured healer, wherever you are, within four hours. All you need is a quiet space and an hour to rebalance your energy.

So, it’s like an in-home massage service?

Better. It’s like a massage, relaxing spa day, meditation hour, and life coaching all in one. You can think of it as an in-home energetic massage service that rebalances your body, mind, and soul. That’s like a 3-in-1 special! Our healers are certified practitioners who connect our Universal Energy directly to you—giving you a boost in your vibration that’ll help you feel your best and achieve your goals.

What services do you offer?

If you’re located in Los Angels we offer in-person Reiki healing sessions, we also offer virtual Reiki and Sound Healing. Though, we’ll be expanding our offerings in the future! You can learn more about the benefits of Reiki here

How do I pick a Sesh Certified Healer?

When you schedule your on-demand sesh, all of our available healers will show up on the booking platform. From there, you can read their bios and select the healer that resonates most with you.

How does Sesh vet their Healers?

On top of being certified, insured, and hand-picked by the Sesh executive team, each of our healers must pass a 3rd party background check. Plus, each healer performs a sesh, in-person, with our founder and CEO. Because if we wouldn’t trust them with our well-being, we definitely wouldn’t trust them with yours.

What does it mean to be a certified Reiki healer?

Each of our healers has completed the appropriate training under the supervision of a Reiki Master to receive their required certifications. All Reiki students undergo an attunement process, during which the Master opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras, creating a special link between the student and the Reiki source. During this time, Reiki students learn about energy, chakras, and healing techniques to support complete rebalancing—body, mind, and soul.

Can I book a Sesh directly with a Healer?

Remember the Dark Ages when you had to pick up a phone and call someone to order takeout? Or stand in the street to flag down a taxi? We do too. Luckily, on-demand and delivery apps like Postmates and Uber have made these services easier to access than ever before. We’re here to do the same for energy healing.

Not only does the Sesh platform make it easy to schedule and choose your healers. It’s also one way that we protect the safety and privacy of both our clients and our healers. For this reason, it goes against our community guidelines for Sesh clients to book directly with our healers.

How do I prepare for my Sesh?

Safety and serenity are our top priorities, for both our healers and our clients. First, find a quiet place for your on-demand Reiki sesh to take place. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes and have a clean pair of sheets ready when your healer arrives. In accordance with CDC guidelines, we ask that you wear a mask until it’s time to lay down for your Sesh. While you can set up for your sesh just about anywhere peaceful, we strongly recommend setting up outside to reduce COVID risk.

How do I connect with my Healer?

You can send questions about your appointment to info@readyseshgo and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

What about Parking?

To help your healer get your sesh started on time, please include information about parking in the comment section prior to booking your appointment.

What is Sesh’s cancellation policy?

Bear with us a minute, we’re gonna get into the technical stuff. You can modify or cancel any booking 24 hours before the scheduled sesh without penalty. Here’s where it gets nuanced:

Same day cancellations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

Cancellations between one and two hours before the scheduled booking are subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

No refunds are available beginning one hour before the booked activity.

The Sesh team will be in touch if any modifications need to be made to your appointment in order to have the best sesh possible.

How does Sesh handle late and last minute cancellations?

Any cancellations within 4 hours of a scheduled appointment will pay a $50 cancellation fee. For example, if your sesh is at 4pm you’ve got until noon to cancel and avoid the $50 cancellation fee. Clients who cancel within 30 minutes of an appointment or no-show will pay the full service fee.

What if I’m running late for my sesh?

We want to make sure you get the most out of your on-demand Reiki sesh, and showing up late can feel like trying to meditate during rush hour traffic: you might get some benefit from it, but it won’t be the full energizing effect. If you can’t make it to your sesh on time, get in touch with our team. With enough notice, we can help you cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Do I need my own sheets?

We want to make sure your sesh is as safe and relaxing as possible. To keep up with CDC guidelines, we ask that you provide your own sheets (and have them ready when your healer arrives).

How do I get in touch with Sesh?

You can connect with us at