Help us connect the world to self.

We’re looking for Reiki Healers and Spiritual Leaders who want to share their light with the world through curated group healings and one on one sessions. 

 Apply to become a Sesh Certified Healer today to join our network of highly vetted healers throughout Souther California. Reiki is the core of our business but we are always open to other modalities. 


What is Sesh?

We’re a marketplace bringing holistic and spiritual practices to our community of people looking to step into their most powerful and authentic selves. Our focus is on healing and expanding the mind, body, and spirit. This platform is where ancient practices meet modern convenience to fit the needs of today’s society. 

And why should I become a Sesh Certified Healer?

We’re giving healers a place to easily share their practices through classes and one and one sessions with a community looking to self evolve.

What will my schedule look like?

Whatever you want it to be, it’s completely up to you. 

Where will I have to drive to?

Sesh serves clients throughout the LA area—Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, The Valley, South Bay, and more. If you’re available when a user schedules their sesh, your name will appear and they’ll have the option to book with you.

What are the requirements in becoming a Sesh Certified Healer?

Our healers are certified and well versed in their area of spiritual and holistic expertise. Most importantly, our healers need to share our passion for making spiritual healing a regular, routine part of modern self-development.

What equipment do I need to be a Sesh Certified Healer?

We recommend that healers have their own massage table and any other materials needed to complete the healing session. You should also have the ability to carry your equipment and set up for in-home (or office, or other location) appointments. Because we offer on-demand service to the entire LA area, all of our healers also need to have a car and valid driver’s license, be insured, and live in the Los Angeles area. 

What are Sesh’s pricing and fees?

We want Sesh to be an easy, profitable way for you to do what you love. Once we process your application, a member of the Sesh team will fill you in on our pricing scale.

What is a 3rd party background check?

A 3rd party background check just means that a professional agency reviews a person’s criminal, employment, history and confirms identity. This check does NOT affect your credit.
Our third party background check partner Checkr is a secure system that doesn’t share your information with the Sesh team, simply whether you’ve cleared. Many on-demand companies have partnered with Checkr, including Uber, Instacart, Zillow, GrubHub and Lyft.