Connecting the world to self.

Through our platform you can book private or group Reiki sessions from a community of highly vetted Healers and Spiritual Leaders. 

Why Sesh

We want you to focus on healing yourself, let us do the rest.

The Sesh Team has personally vetted each and every healer so your healing journey can start as soon as you’re ready. Plus our healers always come to you, so you can heal from the comfort of your own home. 

Want to share the power of healing with a loved one or your circle? Sesh will curate a custom spiritual healing experience because there is nothing that makes us happier than sharing the power of healing. 


Sesh is for…

  • Those ready to heal and step into their most powerful selves

  • Anyone dealing with grief, anxiety, depression, pain

  • Those ready to shed layers that no longer serve them

  • Anyone who feels blocked and stagnate in life 

  • Those looking for clarity, direction, certainty 

  • And those trying to up level their life by tapping into a higher vibration. 

Our Sesh energy healers

As Reiki practitioners, our Healers understand what healing is all about. It’s our role to facilitate a relaxing session in a safe space. We’re committed to creating an atmosphere of trust. Our healers are certified, insured, and highly vetted by our core team. Learn more about the steps we take to ensure your safety at every healing sesh.

Trust & Safety